A Research Concept Paper (RCP) normally contains the following.


  1. Title/Topic: (Topic should be within the domain of eLearning and related pedagogies, technologies and current trends)
  2. Name: Put your name and your current designation / employment (if any)
  3. Introduction: Background of the proposed research (Maximum = 2 paragraphs )
  4. Objectives: Lists of the main objectives of the proposed research work (Maximum =3)
  5. Significance of the research: List or briefly describe how the proposed work would be beneficial as a product or as a service to professionals in the proposed field and benefit the society (Maximum = 2 paragraphs )
  6. Evidence to prove originality of the research: Identification of evidence of originality of the proposed research work (Maximum = 2 paragraphs )
  7. Research Methodology (Use only the sections applicable to your proposed research work. Maximum = 2-3 paragraphs)

7.1 Target group

7.2 Variables (in case your work uses quantitative research method)

7.3 Data collection means and method/s

7.4 Data analysis

7.5 Results


NOTE: Research Concept Paper (RCP) should not exceed more than 2 pages Please keep it simple, precise and to-the point. Your research topic/title is tentative and subject to further changes.